Into the new year with Mercury Toastmasters Berlin! 3rd tour stop takes CATs to Berlin

Meeting of the Mercury Toastmasters Berlin on January 3rd

Their 3rd tour stop took Tour Guide Andrea and CAT Christian to the meeting of the Mercury Toastmasters Berlin. Sixteen enthusiastic members and guests met on January 6th for a delightful club meeting at Mercury Toastmasters. President Lars welcomed everyone with the best wishes for the new year. And this first meeting of 2021 had something very special to offer: A panel discussion prepared and moderated by Pooja.

But first Grammarian Therese introduced the word of the evening “uplifting”. Every use was recognized with a friendly wave of hands by the audience. Quite conveniently Therese had entered the word of the evening in her Zoom name tag. This way we always remembered. Vishal as the timer supported us with the color signals and Choo paid close attention to our verbal crutches – the filling words.

First speaker of the evening was Laura who connected with the audience with her open account of her experiences and feelings about distancing. Her speech “A distance I crave” was lively, personal, and delivered a fresh perspective on the feelings that can arise when we are forced to keep at a distance. Evaluator Andrea praised especially her lively, and fitting gestures.

After Laura’s speech, Lars welcomed Pooja on stage with her Pathways project the panel discussion “Soil or soul”. In a brief speech, Pooja introduced the topic and what had inspired her to this discussion about the experience of home. She laid out ground rules for the discussion and then proceeded with a professional and appreciative introduction of the panelists Hanjo, Therese, and Krisztina. What do you associate with home? What gives home a sense of stability? Have you ever experienced a clash of what home was supposed to be like and how it actually was? What felt like the next best thing to home when you were away? Those were the interesting questions posed by Pooja. All three of them offered personal insights that proofed to be different but overlapping in parts as well. In the following Q&A session the audience was curious to learn more about Pooja’s views on the topic of home. In his evaluation, Christian pointed out how Pooja had successfully accomplished the multiple roles of a panel discussion moderator as speaker, moderator, and host.

After this inspiring, touching and informative panel discussion Viktor took over as Table Topics Master. And he proofed to be THE technical wizard of the Mercury Toastmasters: He not only presented an array of quotes from superheroes that the speakers Kate, Olivier, Julian, Johannes, and Christian reflected on. He also created little video sequences in which he had morphed the faces of the speakers onto the faces of the heroes! “Awesome!” was the unison reaction of the audience, that voted for him as the functionary of the evening.

Other functionaries that offered service and feedback were Julian and Kate as Applause Masters, Stephanie as the General Evaluator, Choo as Ah-Counter and Johannes as Listener. Toastmaster of the Evening and President Lars closed this very special first club meeting of Mercury Toastmasters Berlin of 2021! More information about the Mercury Toastmasters Berlin you find here: Website and Facebook, guests are very welcome to join their meetings!

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