Kick off club tour „With CATs Against The Corona Blues“ at the Bonn International Toastmasters! – December 10th

Sarah and Christian started the club tour „With CATs Against The Corona Blues“ with a visit of the Bonn International Toastmasters. And there couldn’t have a better place and time. Their motto „Challenging, but Doable: Facing Mortality“ and the innovative format of a speech talk had attracted 28 participants from all over the world.

Centerpiece was the speech talk between Roger and Georg about their experiences with mortality and hospice. They openly shared their experiences, asked each other questions, and involved the audience. This gave Sarah the opportunity to share her path to becoming a hospice coordinator and bereavement counselor.

Then Cynthia and Annette presented their speeches about the departure of loved ones, the circle of life and gardening. Gardening?? Well, you had to be there 😉 Evaluator Stephen, a very experienced Toastmaster, presented his hiqh quality evaluation with detailed analysis and encouraging tips.

The Table Topics were presented by Roger – jack-of-all-trades this evening – and Sarah, Masha and Birgit improvised about meaning and value of life and reincarnation. Christian was invited to offer the general evaluation of the evening including the Table Topics. He emphasized the respectful and yet open way all participants handled the challenging but doable topic of death and dying.

President Roland closed the evening and allowed Sarah and Christian to briefly tell about the club tour. Both of them had enjoyed the evening tremendously. They invited the audience to join the club tour to help connect the Toastmasters community against the Corona Blues. If you are interested to find out more about the Bonn International Toastmasters visit their Facebook page and their Website.

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